Mobile phones, automotive, monitoring, industrial control, and other markets, providing stable quality products and programs
Shenzhen HiWays Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park in 2012. With the concept of honesty, we take the vision of "respecting Tianlilian, Tiandaochouqin" and "Becoming the most trustworthy partner". , To provide our clients with professional services. The company is technology-oriented, the main sales agents at home and abroad all types of sensors, communications and precision positioning navigation module, low-power single-chip and other integrated circuits, crystal, connectors and other electronic components, the main suppliers are: GOODiX,u-blox,EPSON,YAMAHA,MiraMEMS,MAGNACHIP,YOCERA CONNECTOR,FAMFULL etc. Such as: Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Letv, Gionee, Coolpad,ADAYO ,Desay , Coagent, Truly, Lens,BIEL, BOE and a large number of high-quality customer service.
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